Medium Power Transformers


Medium power transformers are manufactured with capacity up to 30MVA / 36kV.To adapt the voltage, it is possible to provide on-load or off-circuit tap changers. The transformers are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the latest issue of IEC or other standards upon customer requirements .Based on order the transformers generally are designed and manufactured with the following technical specification:

■ Rated power
■ Rated power(MVA)
■ Number of steps
■ Rated HV Side Voltage (KV)
■ Rated LV Side Voltage (KV)*
■ Type of tap changer
■ Tapping range
■ Vector group
■ Impedance voltage ( % )
■ Rated frequency ( HZ )
■ Altitude above sea level (m)
■ Ambient temperature (°C)
■ Type of cooling
■ Installation situation

* At no load condition

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