Our experts have years of experience with problem-solving ability. increasing the operating life of each transformer and decreasing risk of unplanned shut downs, failures and load losses are our main aims.

Transformer Services
■ Installation and on site commissioning tests of distribution and medium power transformers
■ Minor and major repairing of transformer
■ Expert supervision on installation and commissioning of transformer on site
■ Transformers electrical tests and diagnosis
■ Modern on site tests such as: PD, FRA & FDS
■ Drying of transformer active part on site
■ Transformer maintenance
■ Gas chromatography and oil tests
■ Transformer oil treatment on site
■ Transformer spare parts
■ Transportation precautions of transformers
■ Training and workshop

After sales services for oil type transformers:
Address: Mordad St.,No.1 Industrial City, Zanjan, Iran
Tel: +98 24 32221349-52
Fax: +98 24 32221353

After sales services for cast resin transformers:
Address: 4th Km. of Zanjan-Tehran Road,Zanjan-Iran
Tel: +98 24 33791184 , 33791117
Fax: +98 24 33790541