About Us

ZANGAN DISTRIBUTION TRANSFORMER was established in 1979, and it is now considered as a pioneering and reliable manufacturer of various standard and special application transformers (Oil & Dry type).After many years of successful experience in manufacturing of different types of distribution and medium power transformers, we have now acquired new technology to supply our products in high and enhanced quality. The company has the capability to design transformers to meet an extensive range of customer`s routine and special requirements.Manufacturing the transformers in the most efficient and cost effective approach is our technical strengths. Technical characteristics of the transformers comply with the latest edition of international standards such as IEC, DIN, VDE, ANSI, NEMA and BS or national standards on request.

Capabilities now include:

■ Furnace transformer
■ Rectifier transformer
■ Auto transformer
■ Motor starting transformer
■ Converter transformer
■ Traction transformer
■ Earthing & Auxiliary Transformer
■ Earthing Transformer
■ Dual voltage transformer
■ Pad mounted transformer
■ Wind turbine transformer
■ Distribution Transformers with On-load Tap-Changer (OLTC)

All Technologies / All Standards