Cast Resin Distribution Transformers

Cast Resin Transformer
Technical Specification :
Standards: IEC 60076-11*
Voltage Rating: Up to 36kV
Power Rating: Between 100-2500kVA*
Type of Cooling: AN/AF
* Others upon request, please consult us.

All transformers are designed and tested for long life and minimum maintenance requirements.

Tested by independent test laboratory: CESI – Italy

Technical Data Sheet

Classified based on our reference customer needs.

Condition of Installation: Ground mounted-Substation
Cast resin distribution transformers are used to step down three-phase high voltage to low voltage for energy distribution, mainly in urban areas and for industrial applications.

Cast Resin Transformer

Special Cast Resin Transformers

ZANGAN DISTRIBUTION TRANSFORMER produces cast resin transformers with capacities up to 5MVA / 36kV. Cast Resin Transformers can be supplied in enclosures to various degrees of protection, or open (un-enclosed) if preferred. Enclosure ratings of IP21 to IP33 are common and protection up to IP54 is also available for extreme conditions. Cast Resin Transformers can be supplied with fans and controls to increase the rated capacity (kVA).

Capabilities now include:
■ Rectifier transformer
■ Auto transformer
■ Motor starting transformer
■ Converter transformer
■ Traction transformer
■ Dual voltage transformer
■ Wind turbine transformer
Our design system:
► Vacuum pressure impregnation system
► Vacuum cast resin system

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